My kids often cry out, “I DON’T CARE!” about all kinds of things, many of them things that they actually DO care about but decided that abandoning that thing in the heat of the moment was a safer option. Today I thought I would bring to you some things I really DON’T care about…just for […]

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The Patmos Deception {A Review}

Setting: Greece and surrounding Mediterranean area That got me right there. I would love to go to the Mediterranean someday (I may have to learn how to spell it correctly first)! I enjoyed picturing the island of Patmos, Cyprus and cruising the Aegean Sea. Plus, I have always enjoyed Mr. Bunn’s writing. The story is […]

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On Attempting Warm

I have lived in the Canadian prairies all my life. I am well aware of how cold it gets here and all that. This winter seems to have me shivering like never before. Perhaps I am getting old but all I want to do is plant myself beside the furnace with the dryer running and […]

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Community that Heals

It’s Thursday and I think I’ve finally recovered from a wonderful weekend spent with a community of people that we go way back with. Those people who will be our friends for the rest of our lives unless we do something stupid, like quit talking to them or something. Not likely to happen! My husband […]

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Breathing Room {A Review}

I have to admit that at first I figured this chick wouldn’t know what she was talking about. After all she has a steady husband, only three kids, no serious health problems. What could she know? A lot, apparently. She knows what coming apart looks like and what she needed to do to get her […]

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November Ramblings

The last few weeks sent us through a whirlwind of emotions and activity trying to find our footing again. It wasn’t all bad stuff but it left us wrung out and fierce tired. 1. We moved our oldest son back in. He was out at the farm keeping watch over our flocks by night when […]

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Vatican Museums 3D {A Review}

A few weeks ago my I took my husband to Rome for an afternoon of sightseeing at the Vatican Museums. You know just a little hop over the pond! We went via the wonders of the movie theatre where I had generously been given tickets by Graf-Martin Communications for the purpose of writing this review. […]

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I didn’t mean to leave you all high and dry the second the challenge was over. All I can say is, “Thank you God for the ability and foresight for scheduled posts.” While my series was merrily trucking to an end all on its scheduled self. Our world, that one that I was writing about, […]

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The End of Things (resources)

Here we are at the end of this series. Thank you for coming with me on this journey. For some reading this has been a starting point and for others it is part of a continuation. I want to close this out by giving you some resources that I, or others, have found helpful in […]

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Where to begin…

One thing that is common to every family that deals with disabilities is the need for help. It may be help as minor as a listening, non-judgemental ear, it may be as huge as modifications to the home and specially equipped vehicles. In my own experience it isn’t easy to get the help that we […]

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