Gemma sat back in her rocking chair and paged through her photo album, her eyes lingering on the face of her youngest son and his family. Her fingers traced his toothless grin and she smiled. He had made it after all. Cooper had been born perfectly healthy until he’d had an immunization that went terribly […]

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Soup Label = ‘Innard’ Disorders

Are you wondering what our innards have to do with hidden disabilities? Can you tell from looking at me that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome? No. That crazy thing is sitting inside me waiting for a chance to strike. Look at this sweet little thing! Can you tell she most likely has Celiac Disease? Nope! […]

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Rayanne closed the door to her little girl’s room softly, praying that she would not disturb the exhausted child. It had been another day of screaming, vomiting and diarrhea. Andrea had been inconsolable and eratic all day. Rayanne had been prepared for it this time, though. Yesterday had been an exciting day with a birthday […]

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Soup Label = ADD/ADHD

ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Medical Definition quoted from Wikipedia; “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – a psychiatric disorderof the neurodevelopmental type in which there are significant problems of attention, hyperactivity, or acting impulsively that are not appropriate for a person’s age.”    Working Definition ADHD looks a lot like a really active boy child!! But it doesn’t stop! These kids can’t stop moving, they […]

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Soup Label = ODD

ODD – Oppositional Defiance Disorder Medical Definition, quoted from Wikipedia; “Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is a childhood disorder described by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(DSM) as an ongoing pattern of anger-guided disobedience, hostility, and defiant behavior toward authority figures that goes beyond the bounds of normal childhood behavior. Children suffering from this disorder may appear […]

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Cherise closed the door on her daughter and walked back to the kitchen. It was going to be one of THOSE days. Mandy had started in as soon as her eyes opened. She didn’t want eggs, she wanted cereal. She dumped milk into her brother’s plate with an exaggerated “Oops!” and a not-so-well-concealed snicker. When […]

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Expectations – part 2

Today’s post is more for the family’s in the thick of it. How do we go about letting go of expectations on our kids? Honestly, I’m not even sure. We are still trying to figure this one out but we know that it is crucial to survival. Here are a few things we’ve learned. If […]

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Expectations – part 1

If you’ve kept up with me so far you can see that the families that have shared their stories are sharing from places of deep pain. We all thought, like Grace, that life would be very different from what it is. The type of disability doesn’t really make a difference to the degree of stress […]

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Grace’s Journal

Grace slid slowly down the wall, closing in on herself. Tears no longer come out of her eyes, her soul is dry, she’d done this too many times. Instead she just picked up the pieces of her broken heart. This is her journal: The day I said yes to this boy coming into our home […]

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Soup Label = FASD

FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) is an insidious and pervasive problem in today’s society. And there really isn’t a cure for it. FASD is an umbrella term which describes a continuum of permanent birth defects caused by maternal consumption of alcohol during pregnancy. FASD is rated based on a list of approximately eleven different markers […]

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