Summer Reading…

I gave myself a gift this summer. Time to read. In between painting and road trips and cleaning and packing there were moments where I just couldn’t go any further so I sat down and read. I want to share three titles with you: Surviving Henry by Erin Taylor Young If you are a dog […]

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The Seduction of Production (FSW – chapter 4)

  Do. Do. Do. Work. Work. Work. Produce. Produce. Produce. We live in a society that determines our value on what we produce. Homeless = 0 on welfare = 0 mom who stays home = 2 news anchor on major network = 7 blue collar worker = 4 movie actor = 10 Even though that […]

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Grace-deprived (fsw & fmf)

There isn’t enough for me. There never has been. Probably there never will be. I can give grace to others but I don’t deserve any. Any of that sound familiar? These are lies that I have believed and often still struggle with. I tend to be grace-deprived. Not because God hasn’t given it freely I […]

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Two worlds (not a sci-fi tale!)

We took our first few steps up the mountain of transition this weekend. After work on Friday we packed up our bus (and truck) and headed into the city to camp out, stake our claim and take back our space. It wasn’t quite the glorious re-entry that I had hoped for. In fact it was […]

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What I learned climbing up a mountain…

It is Thursday and we are having conversations about Spiritual Whitespace. Unfortunately, my book has displaced itself! We are supposed to be on Chapter 3. I am going to send you over to the author’s blog to read and join in there today and hopefully, the book will have shown up by next week! CLICK […]

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Journeys: The Long and Short

The Long of it… On Saturday we got to go and witness the joining of two very happy hearts. I’ve known that girl since she was a camper in my cabin a couple of decades ago. It was a long road to get to where she stood on Saturday becoming a Mrs. We hugged and […]

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  It’s Friday again so here I am joining the flash mob of writers who bravely take five minutes of unedited writing and throw it out there for the world to see. Today’s prompt: FINISH GO. I am staring down finish lines all over the place right now. I was caught up short at the […]

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Downstream: FSW Conversation – chapter 2

I remember a time when I could feel passionately. I was 16 when I started into children’s ministry. Working at camps. Teaching Sunday school. Helping out with the mid-week girl’s club. I was passionate about reaching children for Jesus. I grieved for children who had been abused, forgotten, murdered. I was a children’s pastor, I […]

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Sam I am is 12~

He’s the quiet one and yet he has a megaphone of a voice. He is a piece of my heart like no one else. Born a little early with a defect in his heart and now 12 years old and full of ideas for wild inventions! I am proud to be his mom. This is […]

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FMF {Bloom}

Friday!! FMF time. Five minutes of non-edited writing in a community of wonderful writers/bloggers. Lisa Jo Baker started this thing and it has taken on a real life wonderful-ness that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in at Allume. If you’re going this year make sure you take time for that little side event! Today’s […]

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