What I Learned in June…

I haven’t done this for awhile, reflected on what I learned the last month, and I thought it was time to do so again. So I am joining the link up at Emily Freeman’s blog Chatting at the Sky. 1. City Grad is way different from Small Town Grad! Our son graduated this month. He […]

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Summer Reviews…

I am trying to take more time to read this summer. Switch my gaze from a screen to paper. A lot of my friends read on their devices but for me there is something wonderful about a physical book to hold in my hands. I kinda love it. I am thankful for the relationship that […]

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Gathered In…My Gift to Me

You don’t get to come back unchanged. When you have been around people who influence, love and lift up you can’t help but let it sink in and become a part of you. I watched a brave, beautiful soul gift us with a hospitality that was completely unlike mine. So gentle and easy and tasty. […]

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Reclaiming the Word

It’s Tuesday morning and the sun is sparkling behind the clouds and trees. It’s Tuesday morning and three kids have been on the bus for half an hour, one kid is in the shower, one may still be in bed and one didn’t come home last night. (Update: she was in bed…late for school…grumpy) It’s […]

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You’re Loved No Matter What {a review plus}

Sometimes you can’t read a book quickly. When I get review copies I try and get through them as soon as possible in order to get the review up in the time frame that the publisher wants it. I couldn’t do that with this book. I needed to absorb it. Slowly. Perfectionism is something that […]

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letting hope rise {FMF}

I need HOPE to rise again. Hope has been beaten down and left in the dust. *kids making hurtful choices *my son’s lack of purpose or desire to do anything positive *plumbers whose goal seems to be wrecking our house *same guy who steals thousands of dollars *weight going up on the scale instead of […]

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Questions without Answers

I have been wrecked for the last few days. I read this post from Ann Voskamp about the choices that women need to make…choosing between their children. I read about nine year old girls that are sold as wives or whatever… My little girl is nine. I cannot imagine her being used in that way. […]

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The Beauty of Grace and Dauntless {reviews}

I had to read this one. The title alone pulled me in, then of course, there were the beautiful daisies on the front cover and the beautiful authors that make up this compilation, some of my favourite writers. The Beauty of Grace – stories of God’s love from today’s most popular writers by Dawn Camp. […]

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The Best Medicine

Last night I happened upon a super funny post on Facebook. It hit my funny bone. HARD!!! I have not laughed that hard in YEARS people. It felt enormously good to just let all my bits jiggle as I giggled…and giggled…and snorted…and tears streamed down my face. “A merry heart does good like a medicine.” […]

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Done talking

So I think I’m going to give up talking. It just seems to be a lot of work and getting me nowhere at the moment. Our life continues to go from crazy to crazy-ER!! We started this little reno project a couple of months ago and it has taken over our entire house. I still […]

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