Love Endures..

It’s 8:00 AM and it’s quiet in my house for just a moment. These days have been filled with endless driving, tutus and tap shoes. We are in the throws of dance competitions and spring. I have been called into work and the rest of life just keeps spinning on. I am dropping balls everywhere! […]

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I am not perfect..and I am loved.

I kinda like perfect. I also enjoy applause and accolades. Put those two together and you have a problem. Okay, I have a problem. For so many years I was defined by what I could accomplish, how much I could get done, how many people patted me on the back for my efforts. And I […]

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Love Trusts

I am reading this very strange book that is not really in my genre, but the longer I read the more fascinated I am by it. There is a kingdom and a princess and a dragon and a series of princes, most of which aren’t so fabulous. This princess is young and naive and keeps […]

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Love spends time…

  If you love someone, you spend time with them. Absence doesn’t actually make the heart grow fonder. Hopefully it makes you desperate to be back in the presence of the one you love. My husband has travelled alot, farmed alot and is often gone. I hate it when he’s not here, but after a […]

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Whatcha Thinking About?

Seeding time is almost here at the farm. This would be the season in which the husband switches from pastor into farmer and spends countless hours in the field. He actually enjoys driving the tractor because he gets plenty of time to think and commune with God. I can tell the days where he has […]

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I Delight in Her!

I had my last every 7 year old hug last night. My baby girl turns 8 today and it just seems so much older than 7. She is the one who actually kinda looks like me! She loves to craft and sew and read and be helpful. She is my sweet ray of sunshine that […]

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Appreciating Beauty

The snowfall was perfect. Gentle, large flakes. Perfect Christmas card kind of morning. Except that it is March 26!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was not appreciating the snow this morning. I want Spring already! However, this afternoon after I dropped the girls at their dance class I went for a little walk. On my way I looked at […]

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To say that there is a lot going on here at the farm would be an understatement. Cataclysmic change might be more appropriate. I consider myself a pretty good roll-with-the-punches-fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of girl. This season of change has me feeling like I got punched and the flying looks a lot more like crawling along the […]

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Love Sacrifices

There has been a week of silence due to illness but I am back! During that week of being sick on a couch I watched my husband love me in the sacrifices that he made to make sure kids got fed and taken where they needed to go while trying to do his regular work […]

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The Bottom Line

It isn’t exactly good news today. I feel awful. I think I may have caught a cold from my father in law over the phone! I talked to him this morning and he sounded awful…and not long after I hung up…I started feeling awful! So once I got the kids off to piano lessons…I sat […]

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