Up and coming…

WARNING!!! A drastic change is about to occur… Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement but I thought I should give you the warning shot over the bow. I honestly have no idea how many sweet readers I have. I am aware that many of you lurk in the shadows, reading and cheering me […]

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We really don’t need to be perfect…

I am a knot at the moment. I have this thing I want to say and it was so clear lying in my bed and now, sitting here at this keyboard…I’ve gone blank. I know what it’s about, but how to say the words, to craft them into something that will, perhaps, free you, and […]

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In or out of sync?

This little ballet feels a little like what my life has always been like… Just a little out of step. Going left when everyone is going right. Doing my own thing while everyone else is together doing the ‘right’ thing. Yes. It felt just a little too close to home. And it was sweet, too, […]

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Introducing…Emily and The Lulu Tree

I had the honor of interviewing Emily Wierenga, author of Atlas Girl last week by way of invitation from Graf-Martin Communications Inc. She is delightful and I am so pleased to introduce her to you here today. Emily is a quiet, small town girl with a global heart. She lives in a little Dutch town […]

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Weekend Reading: Reviews

I love getting books in the mail! My first mail addressed to me at the new (old) house was an envelope from Graf-Martin Communications with two books to review. Gotta love that! First up, Holley Gerth’s newest offering, What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days I love the cover don’t you, who doesn’t love […]

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It’s really happening {fsw – chapter 8}

Tomorrow is the first day. There are no appointments, no lessons, no places I need to be. No one here in these four walls but me and the dog tomorrow. And it intimidates me. This week the chapter I’m chatting about is focused on self-care. I have not been good at that and that is […]

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Through the Gauntlet {FSW – chapter 7}

We may or may not have survived the gauntlet that some people call the first week of school. This morning is the first that all kids actually managed to get on a bus! Now we’ll see if they get home, too! This morning I see sun filtering through green leaves and dirty windows. I sit […]

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Going back and thoughts on community {fsw – chapter 6}

I am writing my first post from the new (old) house! This mountain climb we’re on is steep friends. There have been tears and heated words (mostly me, sigh) and anxiety and more money spent than we anticipated. There have been demands and unexpected pieces and some blessings thrown in. A pretty typical moving experience. […]

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A letter to me… {fsw chapter 5}

I see you. I see the fear that has taken up a place in you where I should be, I can take that from you. You can trust me. You turn all the lights on and make sure things are locked so that you feel safe. You are safe. I am here. I love to […]

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Summer Reading…

I gave myself a gift this summer. Time to read. In between painting and road trips and cleaning and packing there were moments where I just couldn’t go any further so I sat down and read. I want to share three titles with you: Surviving Henry by Erin Taylor Young If you are a dog […]

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